All services customized to your needs

Residential Organization

Let your home be the best reflection of you

  • Assess the possibilities of your space
  • Efficiently declutter your closets and living areas
  • Research, purchase, or build new storage as needed
  • Reorganize your storage and living spaces for maximum value

Transition and Move Management

Organize your possessions to ensure you can find them in your new home

  • Declutter before move
  • Organize sales, donation, or disposal of unwanted items
  • Schedule movers and cleaning service for arrival and departure
  • Organize desired rooms in your new home or storage

Aging In Place, Senior Move Management, and/or Estate Organization

Providing transitional care in time of need

  • Catalog keepsakes and memorabilia
  • Work with senior to downsize and declutter
  • Shred and/or secure important documents
  • Organize and prepare contents for appraisal and auction
  • Transport and disperse items as determined by beneficiaries
  • Work closely with family, care managers, and/or estate professionals to ensure comfort and/or closure

Organization Consulting

A detailed guide that you can follow at your own pace

  • On-site home assessments and initial consultation(s)
  • Detailed declutter, organizing, and spatial design strategy
  • Could include coaching options

Coaching and Maintenance

An ongoing guide to becoming clutter-free and organized

  • Coaching Calls
  • On-site visits
  • Focus on specific tasks to strengthen your organizing potential
  • Working with members of household or office to create and maintain organization