“I organized with Faith and I ended up with hope!” — Nick

“Faith Roberson is a treasure. If you are contemplating organizing your home or office, closets or storage, or if you need to move, do not hesitate to call her. She will cut down so much on the stress everyone feels under these circumstances!

“Faith has a keen, quick and incisive mind and a giant, warm heart. She does a careful and sensitive assessment of the space to be organized, paying close attention to the needs and wishes of her clients. Then, in her clever and resourceful way, she comes up with an overall solution and presents a step-by-step proposal to get the job done. The client gets to weigh in, and together Faith and her client come up with a plan. She has a great eye, and the place always looks beautiful when she’s finished. Faith has a wonderful, gentle charisma, and it is fun to do even the most daunting organizational tasks with her. If you prefer to let her take care of everything, you’re also in luck, as she’ll do a fabulous job.

“She is extremely dedicated, effective, and generous, and completely trustworthy. She has helped me organize my apartment (with 2 walk-in closets), my office, several storage spaces and a moving job. I feel so fortunate to have had Faith! I recommend her most highly and without reservation. She’s been a lifesaver! I would never undertake one of these projects without her again.” — Andrea H

Faith Roberson Testimonials

“Faith is an absolute superstar, I can say without a shadow of a doubt my family would still be living out of boxes had it not been for her and her wonderful assistants Kelsey and Laura. They helped me move a family of six into a newly renovated apartment and they did it perfectly and in record time. I am still in awe every time I open a closet/cupboard at what an amazing job they did. Faith made moving into our new home an absolute joy, and I will be recommending her to everyone I know, and will definitely be using her again. Oh, and as a bonus, she happens to be one of the most lovely humble people you will ever meet.” — Raegan M

“Faith is an organizational mastermind! She project managed a complete rebuild of my master bedroom closet, hall closet and organization of both as well as my husband’s closet. From the complete design to the minor details, Faith brought a ton of knowledge and experience to the project. She somehow (magically) created more space in our closets and dressers! We were busting at the seams before and now feel everything has a place, it’s neat and we can breathe again! Faith is a sweetheart, will work at your pace and provide as little or as much guidance as you need. She’s got all kinds of tricks up her sleeve and I’m already thinking about other ways to use her to organize my LIFE.

“I was nervous about paying someone to ‘just organize’, and about having someone else in my house, but I really could not be happier with the entire experience and results. Give her a call, you will not be disappointed.” — Heather T

Faith Roberson Testimonials

“Faith Roberson was a godsend! I’ve never really developed great organizing habits, but recently my place has been overwhelmingly cluttered for a while. The mess represented the resentment that I had towards my apartment (this is my first apartment and since I’ve moved in, I’ve had problems after problems that my landlord has been dragging his feet to resolve); and my initial reason for calling was to have Faith help me purge items that I didn’t need and pack up the rest in boxes because I was dead set on leaving my apartment ASAP.

“But after all of the purging and decluttering that we’ve done, Faith helped me realize how nice and spacious my apartment was and she convinced me to stay because after all, I did fight for it lol. She even gave me tools that I can buy to make home organization easier for me.

“I called her because I’m currently in a life transition and I’m entering a new career, a new business and I’m going through some great personal changes as well. I needed to purge a lot of things in my life in order to make these changes seamless. Faith is a ray of sunshine, and I will definitely use her services again.” — Justina L

“I have been in the process of downsizing from my 3 bedroom home as well as my parent’s house to a 1 bed apartment in the City for the past 3 years. This process has been enormously stressful and costly—I’m irrationally attached to these possessions and can’t seem to let it go! Faith has been amazing in helping me to detach my emotions from my “stuff” and finally start getting my life in order here in NYC. Her compassion as well as fantastic sense of humor has given me the ability to clean out my closets and storage space and gain space and clarity not only in my apartment but in my mind. Faith will show you that organizing can be efficient and fun!” — Carmela B

Faith Roberson Testimonials

“Faith is a lifesaver! I moved into a new apartment and had way too much stuff and really wanted a fresh start. I had several boxes that I was putting off unpacking and what I had unpacked wasn’t well organized. In one day she got my room from an overwhelming mess to a zen space. She was so kind and thoughtful and never let me get stressed during the process. It was even fun! Faith is great at helping you get rid of TONS of stuff without making you feel bad.

“The session honestly felt like THERAPY. I mean it. Give Faith a call if you have a organizing project you are putting off and you’ll never regret it. I am so much happier in my space and owe it all to her!” — LoLo J